Posted by Jaclyn Kochis on Feb 10, 2011

The Novi Rotary, a supporter of the S.A.Y. Detroit Medical Clinic for Homeless Women & Children since its first year, visited the clinic on November 16, 2010. Mitch Albom, founder of the clinic, and Marc (Rosey) Rosenthal from WJR, took the group on a tour of the facility.  While touring the clinic The Novi Rotary also took time to present the clinic with a check from the Novi Rotary Foundation.


The S.A.Y. Detroit Children’s & Women’s Clinic is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, as a place where homeless families can seek basic medical attention. The clinic is operated with a staff of nurse practitioners and on-call physicians - including a pediatrics specialist, OB/Gyn specialist, and a nutritionist - to attend to basic medical needs and testing of homeless children and mothers, with a specific eye towards their most common problems.
The Children’s & Women’s Clinic is designed to provide maintenance and preventative healthcare for children who are underinsured.  Because homeless children are living in shelters or on the streets, without the most basic things we take for granted, basic check-ups, inoculations, even a doctor’s examination, are often out of reach. And parents of homeless children are often reluctant to take their kids to hospitals out of shame or fear that their homelessness will lead to the child being taken away.  At the S.A.Y. Detroit Children’s & Women’s Clinic, services are FREE OF CHARGE to all children and adult women who are uninsured or under-insured.